Capturing your Details

A few beautifully styled photos of your special and sentimental items. The things you have poured your heart and soul into collecting.

Bridal Prep

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day!
An air of excitement
Some Champagne with the girls
A Bridal Glam Session… flattering posing and lighting to make you feel amazing and look absolutely stunning!
And a few moments to reflect and take it all in!

Groom Prep

Those special moments adjusting his tie and preparing for the momentous day ahead.
Full of excited anticipation to see his bride walk down that aisle.
Having a bit of a laugh and some lighthearted fun.

The Ceremony

So much happens in just a moment.
This is your time.
We use a long lens to capture close up images of your special moments unobtrusively. You will not even know we are there!

Bridal Party and Drinks Time!

Lighthearted fun and laughs!
Bring some drinks and relax together.
We keep everybody moving.
Never bored, cracking jokes at the perfect moments.

Just the Two of You

Finally! The chance for you both to finally spend some time together.
We take you on a journey
Moving seamlessly from one authentic moment to the next.
We go with your mood and the feeling of the day.
Authenticity is key.
Lighting is key to a stunning image!
It can be the make-or-break between ordinary and extraordinary.

Let your hair down!

Finally it’s time to party!
Heartfelt speeches to the oldies on the dance floor!
And await your sneak peek..
We know from experience you will fall in love all over again!
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