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‘Hey beautiful Brides and Grooms!

I’m Mandy, one half of the Villacorte Studios duo… I’m the one with the longer hair and the open mouth laugh hahah! *big cringe*

Pat and I were married earlier this year after 5 fantastic years together. The whole experience of planning our own wedding (after experiencing so many weddings as a photographer and thinking I knew it all) really gave me a fresh perspective on Weddings and all that goes into making them magical!

How special it is that you LOVE your dress… That you look and FEEL INCREDIBLE as you walk down the aisle… That all those special little surprises you have planned and all the jokes in your speech go off without a hitch…

All of these things are super important in creating the day you have dreamed of. But the most important thing (apart from marrying your best friend!) is being able to step back, take a breath and enjoy it all! To be able to trust that no matter what happens your day will be EPIC… That everyone will have a blast! And that it will be a day you think and talk about for the rest of your lives!’

Your Wedding Day