My name is Mandy and my gorgeous fiance… WAIT! Correction… HUSBAND is Pat.


After photographing literally hundreds of weddings together, we were so excited to plan our own  and put our ‘inside knowledge’ to use!


After all we are experts at weddings.


We knew to hold our kiss for at least 5 secs and all the other pro tips photographers need to ensure those perfect wedding photos are created.


The entire experience of planning our own wedding really gave us new insight into what goes into making a wedding magical.
So I would like to share with you what we learned from our own wedding.
TRUST, yes that’s right TRUST.
Apart from marrying your best friend, trust is definitely the most important part of it all.
Think about all the stresses and anxieties your have and then breathe out and LET IT ALL GO.
You need to know that your wedding day is in the good hands of experts, and that’s why you book professionals who know exactly how to create a great experience.
Once you do this, you can just sail through your big day being cool and carefree. Believe us, the more relaxed you are the better your photos will be!

We can meet you at our studios in North Lakes, or in Newstead or Caloundra by request.


I am passionate and creative whenever given the chance. I’m bubbly and communicative, and I value authentic moments.
I started my first photography course almost 2 decades ago, when I was still in high-school. My walls were covered in tear sheets of my favorite fashion photos. I had a beautiful film camera and would jot down my settings after every photo I took.
However, somewhere along the line photography stopped being just about pretty photos. It became about the experience!
I  had my Diploma in Photography before working with some of Queensland’s Top Photographers. I photographed fashion, glamour, families and even underwater before finding my ultimate love in photographing couples and weddings.
Weddings include everything! Emotion, connection and glamour!
I also learned so much through planning our own wedding and experiencing the day as a bride! 


The most sincere and kind person I have ever known. He has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, and everybody around him is just drawn to his innocence and warmth.
Always with a genuine smile and a ‘how ya goin’ mate?’ he breaks down barriers and becomes part of the family. For some reason people just love him and you will have to meet him to see what I’m talking about!
Pat began in video but quickly, the world of photography and the expensive equipment caught his eye! He has been photographing weddings and commerical jobs for the past 9 years. He loves his primes lenses and always makes sure we have all the top equipment ready to use, and that it is clean and taken care of. He actually built our computers specially for our photography needs!
He is the more emotional one out of us, and as I look through his images I am constantly impressed with his candid, fun vibe. He has an eye for creating beautiful images and his photos have a certain romantic quality to them that I just can’t explain in words!
That should earn me a few brownie points… right?


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